Suspension Hoverkart

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SMART Hoverkart Features

Here’s a list of all the features for the Hoverkart;

  • Extra strong suspension for a comfortable ride.
  • Huge single front-wheel off-road tyre.
  • Compatible with 6.5 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch two wheeled self balance boards
  • Average battery life of up to an hour of continuous use.
  • Extendable Frame for different user heights
  • Double strut framed Hoverkart (2 bar)
  • Comfortable Racing Seat
  • Max Weight – 220lbs or 100kg
  • Maximum speed of 12 Mph
  • Colour: Carbon Black

The HOVERKART is a new attachment for the 2 wheeled balance board allowing you to attach this go-kart feature to your 6.5″ / 8″ and 10 inch balance board. Revolutionising the way you use your two wheeled balance board forever! Never worry about trying to keep your balance again as you’ll sit directly above the board with control leavers that control your every movement, you can use the hoverkart racer to move in all directions with speeds of up-to 12 miles per hour.

This hover kart is different from other models as it comes with huge suspension to provide a comfortable ride, extra strong double bar frame to provide durability, specialised slick racing seat and a big front wheel off-road tyre to give that truly smart hoverkart feel.

Hoverboard not included.